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Thanks for visiting our website.  This is my personal blog dedicated to alternative energy methods.  Now I know what your thinking, if there was alternative energy methods they would already be used.  A lot of people think this but this is a common misconception.  There are many forms of hydrogen and solar energy systems that are unknown or blocked by patents.  When you get into the realm of energy you got to realize there is a lot of money involved.  Big companies around the world, especially oil companies, have a vested interest in making sure these technologies never see the light of day.  This is why it’s important to keep researching and get this information out to the public.  If you were to create a hydrogen system to run your car strictly on water then you would essentially eliminate the need for fossil fuels all together.  Free energy is the future by in a lot of ways humanity is blocked by it’s own crony capitalist system.  Notice I didn’t say capitalism because that’s another common misconception.  Capitalism is the tool of innovation that essentially created the world we live in today, but crony capitalism seeks to destroy that innovation and keep the profits for themselves.  That’s why it’s important for small inventors to keep trailblazing and researching for new ideas that can change the world.  The future will be governed by what we do today, that’s why I want to put this information out to the public at large.  The next step is for humanity to embrace and then take our destiny back.  If we could create a free energy system life as we know it would change.  The future will be cars ran on water with solar power backup panels on the roof tops.  This would lift people out of poverty and forever change the destiny of humanity for the better.  I recently purchased a small gasoline powered bicycle.  It gets about 50-60 MPG and goes at around 30 MPH.  This is a great start to energy independence but it’s still not enough.  I should be able to create an engine for my bike that could run of hydrogen from the local river.  Then we would be truly independent.  I want to thank everyone for visiting my website, and I challenge you to come back often.  I will be posting informative blogs on the topics that interest me most.  The topics I am proficient in are alternative energy, self reliance, web design, engineering, search engine optimization, inventions, patents, and so much more.  I challenge you to comment on my blog posts and contribute the knowledge you have.  I would like this to be a community where we all put our heads together and share information that’s important to all of us.  I am pretty educated when it comes to these topics, but that’s nothing compared to the knowledge we can put out there if everyone contributes.  That’s why it is so critical to the future that you become more than just a passive observer.  Thanks for reading and check back often for updates.

How do you find the best Portland SEO company?

Being a PC geek and software engineer doesn’t imply that I know everything or SEO. I am only an amateur to be completely forthright. I take a gander at it as information based channeling. These gentlemen have methods that even make my psyche jerk a bit.

Would I like to spend the year or more to realize what they do and even want to contend? Not by any stretch of the imagination. They are great at what they do and I will joyfully and simply pay them or even exchange work to finish what I require.

Presently in my wandering into site improvement and I have realized numerous things when selecting a proper search engine optimization company. That is:

1 Can they reveal to me comes about?

2 Do they use white hat seo or black hat seo?

3 Can they give me a positive ROI?

4 Can they give me a finished time frame of 6 months or less?

5 Can I really converse with somebody of significance on the off chance that I require an inquiry?

Those are the principle keys for me. In my scanning for SEO in my neighborhood, I discovered Oregon Web Solutions Portland SEO. At first they appeared to be perhaps a little and somewhat fresh, yet when they demonstrated to me what they have done and even gave me some free stuff without me ever having to ask, I was a very pleased. They aren’t the minimum lavish, yet they offered better results then any other individual and in the end, that is the thing that mattered most to me. Give me a chance to plug their feature video here:

Not terrible right! All things considered, they began by indicating that I had some on page issues with my website. Both issues were common mistakes like not meta tags and some broken pages with 404’s that I didn’t even think I had. They even let me know that they would rank a key term for me for nothing. To go even above and beyond, I got one month expense cut down the middle only for supplying them another customer lead that worked out! That is stacking the cool. Yes, I am going to give them a free plug obviously. In the event that you discover something that incredible wouldn’t you need to share it as well?

Presently, they just work with a handfull of customers as they are a cut and clean organization with great customer focus. However that helps them concentrate more on the current workload.

Consistently I get a results that are extremely positive and their monthly reports spell out every one of my rankings and where they are at. Tasks that have been finished. Likewise general wellbeing and expanded activity. I am stoked.

The best part truly is that I get the opportunity to talk with either proprietor at whatever point I have a pending question. What company offer this kind of service any more?! You normally need to sift through a chain of ding dongs trusting that you don’t get hung up, which leads to having to start from the very beginning once more.And do you ever get to anybody sufficiently big enough to make you feel even somewhat more taken care of? Once in a while, maybe. That is corporate America today. Take all the vibe and warmth out of everything that was once great.

Ok, enough garbage talk, go look at Oregon web Solutions. Ask if they can help you. If they can’t, talk with them and see if they can help you locate a decent SEO organization in your general vicinity as they are tied in with a major ring of SEO experts around the US and they are all on the same level. You will Thank me later!

Oregon Web Solutions | Portland SEO

1717 NE 42nd Ave #3800
Portland, OR 97213
(503) 563-3028

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful?

What Does It Take To Be Successful?

  I have tried and failed many times in business and I can tell you that not everyone has what it takes to succeed.  Sure, there are many people that have been given business opportunities and made the most of it.  They had an advantage because they were likely trained and groomed prior to making the plunge.  They were not required to pick a niche, develop the plan, invest the capital, and then see it through.  Instead, they were simply given the idea, the working concept, the training, and slowly groomed for success. 

  When I think of someone who is successful I mean those people who strike out on their own and create a business.  The business niche they choose is irrelevant, but it must be something they had no connections or advantages in.  It must be a business where they had to create their own destiny and take their own risk. 

  There’s a lot of people out there who would rather work for someone else and get a steady paycheck.  They don’t mind the fact their job is a dead end and they have no room for growth.  To them, the important part is that they have safety and security.  Then there is a group of people who despise this life with a passion.  They would rather strike out on their own and fail over and over before they would suck it up and work for someone else.  I mean if you think about it from a logical perspective you are essentially making someone else wealthy. 

  By making the choice to work for someone else you are building their life, their future, and their dreams.  The brave souls who instead decide to “go it alone” and create the life of their dreams are the real risk takers.  Now the point of this blog is not to put down anyone who chooses to work for someone else.  For most, they know no other life and wouldn’t know the first thing about running their own business.  If you are this kind of person then I would suggest you close out this blog now because there is nothing left for us to talk about.  If your the type of person who hears the words 9-5 job and cringes then I”m talking to you. 

  It takes a certain breed of person to want to risk it all.  For some of us, this comes very naturally.  In my case I came from a family of risk takers who opened a small chain of convenience stores and eventually sold it as a million dollar business.  This venture did not come without risk and on many occasions I remember my family almost loosing it all, but even with the financial swings, we still felt more comfort and security in the fact we owned our own business.  In fact, I believe that business owners have much more job security then people who work for another company will. 

  There is some argument out there that you would be better off if you work for the Government and in a lot of ways I tend to agree with that.  Studies show that Government jobs are both higher paying and have easier job duties.  Sure, one could envision a future where the Government collapsed and even these jobs because risky, but that has a very lower probability of happening.  So after full analysis I would say the most risk free career would be one involving a Government agency.  Plus, it’s much harder to get fired from a Government Job. 

  Now with that said, not everyone has the testicular fortitude to go ahead and throw caution to the wind.  So here is my criteria in going into business for yourself.  You must have a very high degree of confidence, even to the point your not afraid of failure.  If your afraid to fail at life then you should avoid starting a business at all costs.  If you don’t have extra reserve money in your bank account then you should avoid starting a business.  Business ventures take a lot more time to become successful then one might think, so it’s always good to have extras.  The other thing to think about is your personality type. 

  If your the type of person who is scared of change and likes things the same day in and day out then don’t start a business.  On the other hand, if your the type of person who embraces change and likes variety in your life then I highly suggest becoming a small business owner.

  One thing that I used to further my confidence as well as my business was coaching and training. Some of the best I have ever gotten was from Bob Proctor. He just released a program called Magic In Your Mind, you can check it out here: http://www.magicinyourmind.net. Bob has never let me down. You can also watch their introductory video below: