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HHO Parts Online is your source for all of your HHO project needs. Order an HHO Generator or build your own HHO - Hydrogen Generator using one of our HHO Kits.

Water-Powered Hybrid 

using HHO Gas from an HHO Generator

Wind and Solar Power Generators

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Police Department uses HHO to Save money on Gas:
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HHO Gas technology and an HHO Generator will save you money in gas bills up to 50%!!  Take a look at the items we have in our HHO store, these items are all in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours by USPS Mail. 

Using HHO technology while burning HHO Gas will help to save our global environment.  We have researched and built many of the parts needed for a "Hydrogen on Demand" HHO Generator, so all you have to do is install the HHO System, start burning HHO Gas, and start saving $$$$.
  • Reduce your gas bill

  • Reduce emissions and pollution

  • Help end dependance on foreign oil

  • Extend the life of your engine

  • Increase horsepower and performance

  • Help save the environment

    "Experts", Please read this:

    If you bother to study at all you will notice that the question of energy balance, between Hydrogen energy and energy from the battery, is one very big misconception. The energy does not come from the Hydrogen and does not come from the battery or the alternator! The energy comes from the gasoline!

    That's what NASA, the U.S. Patent Office and the U.S. Department of Transportation have been trying to tell us for decades: that a SMALL amount of supplemental Hydrogen will cause the regular fuel, be it diesel or gasoline, to burn more completely. The extra energy is derived from the more complete combustion process. Less waste = extra energy. It's not "free" energy. But that's the equation, the extra mileage comes from LESS WASTE. It's not an opinion, it is the scientific viewpoint.

  • 1) The best Internal Combustion Engine is about 18% efficient. I keep hearing 90%, but that is simply not true.

  • 2) The process of electrolysis has been pushed to about 85%. Based on the caloric energy available from burning Hydrogen, by using Faraday's "Law" to translate from electrical energy it is estimated that 100% efficient hydrogen electrolysis is achieved by creating somewhere between 5.5-7.5 milliliters of gas per minute per watt of energy consumed. Many hydrogen cells on the market now operate as high as 6mmw or roughly 85% efficiency!

    3) The product of the electrolysis is HHO gas which has its own energy value, up to 85% of the energy put in.


    HHO, as a supplement to the gasoline does more than return 85% of the energy put in to create it. Its properties enhance the slow burning gasoline, speeding up the combustion rate, which causes much more of the total combustion process to be translated into mechanical energy which is otherwise lost as heat going out of the exhaust pipe. This effect raises the efficiency of the total system.

    4) If just 10% more of the total system energy were translated to mechanical energy (still not violating conservation of energy laws) that only raises the total system efficiency to 28%. Now that is an increase of 55%. After deducting the energy loss of 15% used to create the HHO, the resulting total net gain is 40%!

    This is only simple math, folks. It really works! Some are realizing even more, up to 35% mechanical efficiency. A 94% gain, minus 15% to create the HHO equaling a 79% total net gain. That's 54 MPG on a car that started out at 30. People are doing this.  It is not difficult.

     HHO and its related technology is also known as Brown's Gas, Hydroxy, OxyHydrogen, Hydrogen on demand, Water for gas, hydrogen fuel cell, water cell, joe cell, and Stanley Meyer technology

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Art Green from Norfolk, Virginia, More Than Doubled The Mileage of His Chevy Avalanche from 20 to 40 MPG on The Highway and in Town from 8 to 20 MPG:
Watch Joe Flanagan reporting for WVEC-TV: HERE

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