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Carpenters and woodworkers have traditionally been enamored with their saws. If you know any passionate carpenter, just ask them about their repertoire of saws, and they will tell you every single detail about their precious tools. A saw to a carpenter is like what a paintbrush is to an artist. These tools are the instruments through the carpenters sculpt their masterpieces. A lot of work goes into the choice of a handsaw. Like every other tool of any other trade, a carpenter needs to find out what works best for him. That’s where the concept of custom saws comes in.

Benefits of Custom Saws

The custom saw is a specialized handsaw made following the specifications of a particular carpenter. The personalized designs of these particular handsaws enable the worker to have increased control on their carpentry and allows for better handling. Well-made custom saws are a joy to work with. They provide a level of comfort and flexibility that can’t be matched by the conventional industrial saws available. There is an incredibly high demand for the custom saw and reputed custom saw makers have vaunted fan followings.

Most of the handsaws available in the market are designed keeping the average hand sizes of its users in mind. Their design doesn’t take the issue of users with non—average hand sizes in consideration. Many times, these unfortunate souls have to make do with a tool that isn’t what the customer had in mind initially. That’s why custom-made saws are popular with these marginalized users, whose needs aren’t met by the commonly available handsaws on the market.

Old handsaws are considered to be of a superior quality than the recently manufactured branded ones. Carpentry purists agree that the quality of handsaws produced after the World War II declined. While the modern saws aren’t half-bad, the authentic good saw made will outshine any of them regarding performance and results.
Types of Handsaws:

If you’re looking to add to your saw collection or start your collection from scratch, you should focus on a few urgent saws. These are some of the fundamental tools to get you started.

Hand Saws: These are used to rough cut board to an approximately appropriate size. For ripping along the lines of the grain, you can use a rip saw. A good size would be one of 4-7 points or teeth per inch. Shorter PPIs will remove more grains but might not cut fast. Having longer PPIs is helpful for cutting wood faster. Panel saws are shorter hand saws. They fit inside the panel of a big tool chest. Panel saws are good for making finer furniture. If you’re getting a hand saw made, you should try out different lengths to find out which is the perfect length for you. The usual length is 24 inch to 30 inches long.

If you want to have only a single one made from a custom maker, a rip saw would be a good choice. A ripsaw makes cross cuts although it can leave a bigger mess to clean than while using a cross cut hand saw. Ripsaws can be sharpened and refurbished easily. Ripsaws have teeth angled at 60 degrees, 8 degrees from the front and 52 degrees from the back.

If you want to cut across the grain and cut up a board to a rough size, a cross cut hand saw is one way to go. Cross cut custom saws have sharp knife-like teeth to cut across the grain of the wood. Cross cut saw teeth is tougher to sharpen than others, but the results are worthwhile. If you are looking to have one made from a custom handsaw maker, make one that has 7 to 9 PPI. The distinctive shape of the tooth is right to differentiate between saws.

If you wish to have a saw made for doing excellent joinery works, you could go for a backsaw. Backsaws have a steel or brass back support that keeps the saw stiff. The smallest backsaws are the dovetail ones. Those have a length of 5 to 10 inches. Custom saw makers configure the blades with sharp rip teeth for cutting across the grain. If you want more flexibility and grip, tell your customer handsaw maker to include thinner blades and a pistol grip.

Stay on top of your carpentry game with the custom-made saws made just for you. Customized saw makers can help you find the perfect fit. Pacific Trail MFG makes specific custom saw such as Package Saws And Bunk Saws to fit your needs.

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