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BCSEA is a non-profit organization that supports the sustainable use and production of energy in British Columbia and beyond. Thanks to the significant support and activity of our members, we are an effective and respected advocate on B.C.’s energy scene.

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Most of the transition described above would create new jobs, and since the renewable energy would be generated in BC, the money spent would remain within the provincial economy, creating demand as it circulates.

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Outdoor growth has only recently become the law; until now cannabis cultivation has primarily taken place in a greenhouse, the systems for which are quite green. …

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Developing a viable clean power industry in British Columbia. Clean Energy BC aims to provide cost-effective electricity through the efficient & environmentally responsible development of the Province’s energy resources.

Renewable energy for BCB.C. Hydro recently updated its energy forecast for the province and the new numbers (contained in B.C. Hydro’s draft integrated resource plan) show that electricity demand in this province will grow by a whopping 50 per cent over the next 20 years; from the current 56,838 gigawatt hours of electricity per year to 89,590 gigawatt hours per year …

… action on building energy efficiency via the BC Energy Step Code. The coalition includes the Canada Green Building Council, Passive House Canada, The …

Community Energy Solutions. Communities play an important role in efficient and sustainable energy use and supply. As such, strong community leadership in energy planning, energy efficiency, and clean energy is necessary to meet our province’s future energy needs, and to achieve B.C.’s vision of a low-carbon economy.

The BC Energy Plan (PDF, 1.8MB) sets out the Province’s commitment to reaching 100% self-sufficient electricity supply by 2016, 90% of this supply from renewable, clean energy resources. Additionally, through the BC Bioenergy Strategy (PDF, 19.8MB), the Province is committed to the provision of 50% renewable fuel requirements and …

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